Casting on East Lake beneath a brilliant Central Oregon sky.

Issue #63

Hello Catch Magazine readers,

This Veterans Day Special Edition honors the indelible power of threes. From cultural rituals to world music and rhythm, mathematics to social psychology, the trio is a universally profound entity. Project Healing Waters shares a “Special Triad”; three Vets from California join three Vets from Oregon… for three days of therapeutic fly fishing on three iconic Central Oregon waters. Their experiences and individual voices are what we at Catch Magazine intend to share with you. As the editor, I find joy when I’m given the opportunity to share more than grammar and style rules. But here, it’s more important for me to LISTEN. I hear these anglers’ common threads of connection, hope, beauty in the outdoors, healing and moving through adversity. The Veterans here remind us that we are all, every single one of us, inextricably connected by a common thread of brokenness. Life breaks us all in unique and various degrees, all profound. With the selfless work of fly fishing guides and numerous volunteers, the Veterans in this issue remind us that it’s ok to ask for help, put our guards down and be authentic in our journeys.

In the common words of these Veterans, the solution to our pain is often quite simple:

Listen. Breathe. Appreciate.

Kelley Moen, Editor
Catch Magazine




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