Fly Fishing Articles by
Steven Calaway Brown

Steve is a Colorado native who has been fly fishing most of his life. Several journeys through Central America during off seasons led him to the Bay islands of Honduras. He found expansive flats empty of any other anglers, yet full of fish: permit, bonefish, tarpon, and more. Steve’s dreams of starting a small, sustainable fly-fishing lodge came to fruition in the Spring of 2008. Steve earned a Masters in English at Colorado State University and created and taught writing courses at Colorado College including: River-related Literature and Writing through Fly-fishing, Back-packing and Reading and Writing the Rivers and Oceans of Honduras: River and ocean-related literature through salt-water fly-fishing. Steve has a deep rooted passion for fly fishing and conservation, and developed Guanaja’s Sustainable Development Project with students and volunteers within the communities of Guanaja, a program which has been running for the past 11 years.


United States



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