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David Tejedor Royo

David Tejedor Royo was born in Zaragoza 44 years ago on the banks of the mythical Ebro River, from a family of traditional fishermen, fishing has been part of my life since I was very little.
At first I didn't show much interest in fishing, until when I was 13, my cousin bought his first fly fishing rod, then my life changed completely. I dedicate my life to fly fishing for predators, especially Pike, Black Bass and Catfish. I was always interested in Photography, and it was not too long ago that I bought my first SLR camera, since then it has always accompanied me on all my adventures, being today my main hobby.
Fascinated by what happens underwater in the dramatic moments of a capture, he decided to start underwater photography. Place where I meet myself again.




Predator Season

David Tejedor Royo


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