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Dustin Davidson

I was born and Raised in the Suburbs of Sacramento, California. I grew up fishing the small creeks, rivers and High Alpine Lakes around the Tahoe Basin with my Grandfather and Father. I didn’t learn about Steelhead till I was in my early 20’s while fishing the American River. But once I did I was addicted to the strength and resilience these fish possess. I now currently live in the small quiet town of Gold Beach, Oregon where I have the privilege to chase these wild creatures. I only started dabbling with photography the past three years where I quickly became pushed by friends and family to pursue this passion more and more. I love being on the water with either my camera in hand or a two handed fly rod. Sometimes it’s hard me to choose which one I’d rather be doing. My love for both has taken my life’s path in a direction I would have never imagined. Meeting some of the greatest people in both industries.

Gold Beach, OR

United States


The Squeeze

Dustin Davidson


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