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Hillary Maybery

Hey there, I'm a SoCal girl at heart, my early days were spent entertaining my competitive spirit as a surfer and equestrian rider. After discovering the darkroom in high school, I fell in love with photography but put that dream on hold to pursue my passion for sports. At 23, I became one of the first female professional snowboarders. I had pro models and spent the next 10 years traveling the world, competing in various events (including the X Games) and making a name for myself as an athlete.

Throughout my snowboard career, I always knew I would return to photography. At 31, I invested in photography school, bought the gear, and took time off to shoot. Making my home in Sun Valley, Idaho I've become very passionate about documenting the outdoor lifestyle and taking photographs of people when they're at their peak stoke levels! My style is a naturalistic approach, and I'm known for my easy-going attitude. I keep my shoots fun, open, and always moving! I'm a wanna-be cowgirl, enjoy a good sipping tequila, married for 19 years raising our sassy teenage daughter.

Ketchum, Idaho

United States



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