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Łukasz Stańczuk

I was born in the small town of Kozienice in Poland’s Mazovia region. I’ve been catching fish for 30 years. The largest Polish river, the Vistula, flows near my house. It was there that I learned how to fish, and it was the Vistula landscape that was one of my main topics when I was learning to photograph nature. I admired and envied the pictures of landscapes and fish that seemed foreign to Poland, those from my colleagues in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Then, a few years ago fly fishing appeared in my life, and that was it! I’d found the nature I was searching for in my own country, and I combined photography and fly fishing. A few times a year I try to go to the Polish mountains between Slovakia and Poland- the Tetras- to catch trout and take pictures. There in the mountains, standing in the stream with a fishing rod in my hand and a camera around my neck, I am happy.




Wild Poland

Łukasz Stańczuk


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