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Megan Vine

I have loved photography since I found my Mom's old (non-functioning) Nikon film camera at the back of her closet as a kid. I used to sneak into her room, run out to the old hip roof barn on the farm and “take photos”. I began my career in critical care nursing ten years ago and completed my Masters Degree focusing on end-of-life care within the critical care setting in 2019. Maybe it was my study of death and dying that solidified the necessity of balancing out the intensity of my nursing career with a creative outlet. Photography has become the balance I was desperately seeking and a source of joy, whether paid or not. Creating and capturing the moments people revisit at the end of their life seems completely natural to me. I started Megan Vine Photography shooting mostly babies, kids and family sessions. I love creating branding images for my unique clients and more recently moving into elopement and wedding photography. Outdoor and fishing photography has fallen into the realm of my personal photography but since my husband became a brand ambassador for Len Thompson Fishing Lures, I have been really enjoying sharing our family fishing adventures.

Calgary, Alberta




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