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Nick Laferriere

A small, Canadian prairie town, surrounded by farmer’s fields, and no water to speak of for miles in any direction; an unlucky location to nurture and produce a fly fishing artist. And yet, this is the birth place of a budding artist whose style has brought new life and new perspective to the industry. These humble beginnings started not with fish scales however, but with feathers. Nick taught himself to draw with little more than a pad of scrap paper, hand-me-down pencils, and stacks of library books from such artists as John James Audubon, Glen Loates and Robert Bateman. His early scribblings were reminiscent of artist’s field studies, with scratched notes about the habitats and life stories of the various birds found around him. Nick has been awarded twice for fisheries stamps in two separate Canadian provinces. His artwork continues to evolve, depicting the story of his life. His most recent accomplishment was having his artwork “Passing the Torch” chosen by the Pacific Salmon Foundation to represent the 2017 British Columbia Saltwater Fishing License.

Golden, British Columbia



An Arctic Palette

Nick Laferriere


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