Asa Stamps, Bob Smith, Dave Allen ... "Healing Full Circle" Photograph by R. Valentine Atkinson

Issue #75

Hello Catch Magazine readers,

Our Veteran’s Day issue has a become a special edition each year, and once again we are honored to share it with you!

Project Healing Waters reminds us that the sport of fishing is without a doubt amazing! It has the power to unite and to become a sound source of strength. At first glance, you will see classic Catch Magazine- style landscapes and photos you’ve come to expect in each issue. Here, R. Valentine Atkinson’s Fall River images, with Mt. Shasta or Mt. Lassen rising familiarly above the horizon and hopeful anglers floating in trout-filled waters, will transport you to a special place in Northern California.  With further history, stories and background about each veteran, you will understand the purpose, tradition and ultimate significance this special annual gathering holds.

Intentional healing.  That is the key we hope you discover in this Veterans Day edition of Catch Magazine. No matter who or what or where, the individual choice to begin intentional healing is important.  It’s internal momentum, a decision, that births those difficult but necessary first steps.  This angling story is an example of that; Initiated with a special purpose, it has developed the power to unite and inspire as a source of strength for people who want to recover.

We are deeply appreciative of the work and sacrifices our veterans have made for our country.  Thank you to those who have served and who are serving today.  We hope you are inspired, motivated to heal, and of course tempted to go fly fishing by this Veterans Day issue.

With gratitude,

Todd and Kelley Moen

Healing Full Circle

R. Valentine Atkinson


Highlights From the Archives

Jurassic Lake

Tim Pask

Fall in Appalachia


Ryan Forbus

Todd Moen Desert Dries Deschutes Steelhead

Desert Dries

Todd Moen

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