Issue #62

Dear Catch Magazine readers, 

This issue is a simple tribute to Art. 

 In this industry, it’s clear that fly fishing itself is a creative endeavorIt begins with the way each fly rod is designed and crafted, the technology and artistry behind the production of every angler’s necessary tools.  The creation of our flies is art, of course, and we recognize the beauty and diversity of them both as bait for our catch and as valuable artisanship that we photograph and often hold up to admire. Then comes the act of fly fishing- the dance we all practice, aiming for beauty and perfection in both presentation and results.  Finally, the process of getting to, spotting and believing a fish may take our fly…that requires some creativity for sure!  Fly Fishing is art in all facets, simply put.  

Recently we were invited to film in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest to document a special cooperation between a native community and a unique fly fishing operation.  We will share more of this in the upcoming issues of Catch Magazine, but I was able to experience the way fly fishing demands a creative, artistic approach in even such remote places as the deep jungle.  Art is everywhere. 

This issue focuses on various artistry and craftsmanship produced in the name of fly fishing I hope you enjoy and appreciate the beauty in the following pages. 




Highlights From the Archives

Deplar Farm Lodge

Brian O'Keefe

Saving Salmon with Art

Sheila Dunn

Appreciation for Pyramid

Anthony Swentosky

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