The Walking Man

Walking Man by Todd Moen Bahamas Fly Fishing

T-Motion Theater – The Walking Man
Date – March 20 to March 23
On any T-Motion video shoot I am a ‘one man band’: cameraman, director, sound-man, editor and music mixer. The days start early, as batteries need to be fully charged, lenses cleaned and a game plan/shot list put in order. As much as I like to fish, and I was surrounded by schools of bonefish on South Andros Island, I probably only made 10 casts during a lunch break.

But, following the Walking Man was so much fun; being right in the middle of the action, watching and filming tailers, and getting the casts, weather, tackle, hook ups, underwater video and releases. It was a blast. We could not have made Walking Man without the help from the guides and staff at Andros South Lodge.

Special thanks to the companies that supported this film project…

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Todd Moen

Todd Moen has been a working filmmaker for nearly 25 years. Growing up in Montana, he would often document his friends fly-fishing with his parents’ analog 8mm tape camera. After studying fine arts at Montana State University, Moen took a job with a production company shooting fly fishing events for ESPN and OLN. After surviving a plane crash from a job, he decided to quit the “on-the-road” lifestyle and start a photography and film-based journal, Catch Magazine. Moen, who runs the magazine with his wife, Kelley Moen, has since produced 65 films for Catch, which have earned awards and thousands of subscribers. “In this niche, I’ve worked with many non-profit organizations across the world that support water, fish and the fishing community,” explains Moen. “I’ve befriended a great variety of people in this industry, and I continue to meet new and interesting people in unique locations to film fly fishing.”

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