Angler Kelley Moen scouts for matrincha on Brazil's Iriri River, 810 miles of crystal clear water cutting through jungle-coated granite inside the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory. One of the most isolated pieces of the Amazon jungle, this territory is managed by the Kayapo Nation, includes 5 million hectares of pure virgin Amazon forest and is designated as an Ecological Reserve. Photo by Todd Moen

Issue #64

Dear Catch Magazine readers, 

A new year always brings with it some hope…a hope for the future.  It also brings the chance to reflect on the past and appreciate specific moments that have taken us forward.  

This past year has been one of great learning for us at Catch Magazine.  We’ve introduced some amazing new photographers, learned more about what YOU, our valued readers, want and featured some of our all-time favorite Catch contributors.  This issue celebrates the solidarity and strength we’ve gained from our loyal network of talented and seasoned photographers.  Valentine Atkinson, Matt Harris and Brian O’Keefe kick off our 2020 year at Catch with their amazing and beautiful photography…not to mention their loyalty to this humble fly fishing publication. We also feature the T-Motion film “Kendjam”, my own experience as a woman angler into the deep Amazonian jungle learning about its wild fish and the beautiful Kayapo Indigenous People who live there. 

In 2020, we hope to enhance your experience of the “online journal illustrating the world’s best fly fishing photography and film.”  Since our inception 11 years ago, we’ve collected and taken note of what you appreciate and value in the magazine.  This year, we hope to up the ante and bring your experience to a brand new level.  Be on the lookout…2020 will be a year of positive change at Catch Magazine! 

Enjoy this issue, and may you have tight lines often in this bright, new decade. 

-Kelley Moen, Editor

Kendjam- Heart of the Amazon

Todd Moen

Chilean Patagonia

R. Valentine Atkinson

The Yokanga

Matt Harris

Somewhere in the Louisiana Marsh

Brian O'Keefe


Highlights From the Archives

Predator Season

David Tejedor Royo

Scandinavian Wrangler

Todd Moen

Salmon on the Gaspe

Matt Harris

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