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Split/Underwater shot of a 180 lb. Tarpon. Caught and landed with Capt. Bruce Chard and Northwest Master Guide Jeff Hickman. Sometimes the lens-angle does not do the fish-size justice. Photograph by Jeff Edvalds

Issue #69

Hello Catch Magazine readers,
It’s 2021 and absolutely time to focus on the good stuff right in front of us. Living on a planet with a surface that’s 71% water, we anglers can certainly appreciate what’s in front of us. In this edition, we’d like to bring you along on a global fly fishing tour to see a few different waters around the world!

Get out your travel maps and join us as we explore. First, we will see winter fly fishing for trout in the Wasatch Mountains with photographer and musician Matt Guymon. Then we head south to the Florida Keys for some tarpon with photographer Jeff Edvalds, where the the white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters lead us to the ultimate virtual vacation. Next we land on Christmas Island with photographs by Arian Stevens who takes us along on his DIY island fly fishing adventure. After that, we go back up to Europe in the Northern Hemisphere with Aleksandar Vrtaric, who shares the magic of his own hand-tied flies in Croatia.

Finally, we’ll end our global adventure in Oregon near Catch Magazine’s headquarters and experience fly fishing microspey-style on the Deschutes River with T-Motion Theater’s “Scandinavian Wrangler.” This film features Danish-born Jakob Lund (aka The Viking) as he pursues summer rainbow trout on the Warm Springs stretch of Oregon’s Deschutes River.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.

Enjoy the issue!

Editor, Catch Magazine


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