Surely, this will be the last face that many small fish will see in their lives. Ruthless and tremendously effective look. Cover by David Tejedor Royo

Issue #80

Hello Catch readers,
The 80th edition of Catch Magazine is a bit symbolic. At 80, like a big oak tree, one can stand in wonder and gratitude at the hard work and endurance of the past- the awe in making it this far.  With solid roots, that oak continues to grow and thrive.  So here we are at 80.

In this issue of Catch, we give you both the old and the new: fly fishing photography and video that is older and seasoned, as well as the new and thriving work we’ve recently discovered.

We newly met Ken Bluma, a macro photographer from the Midwest, whose artwork and photography aim at insects.  He inspires wonder in his fascinating photo essay “The Brilliance of Bugs.” Rachel Lee, artist from South Korea who lives in New Zealand, shares her beautiful and intricate illustrations of fish in an essay called ”Rachellee Illustration.”  A graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, Lee’s artistic mastery is something we are thrilled to introduce.  Also a new discovery for Catch Magazine is David Tejedor Royo, who presents his photos from Spain’s Extremadura region in an essay called “Predator Season.”

Seasoned and rooted in tradition, the photos by Brian O’Keefe endure in his essay called “Chile-Patagonia Style” where he transports us to adventures in Chile’s Lakes Region via photo stories only O’Keefe can compose.  Finally, Todd Moen’s film “New Zealand- Fall in the Southern Alps” grounds the 80th issue with a beautiful new look at Catch Magazine’s old and most favorite flyfishing destination in all the world.

The oak edition truly is pleasure to present to you.  Your support enables us to endure through the seasons.  We thank you for these 80 and we invite you to stick with us as we keep growing strong.

Kelley Moen


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