Paul Wright and Brian O'Keefe on the hunt for trophy trout in the backcountry of New Zealand. Aerial by Todd Moen

New Zealand – Fall in the Southern Alps

For the 80th edition of Catch, Todd Moen returns to New Zealand with “New Zealand – Fall in the Southern Alps”  Together with Eleven Angling’s Brian O’Keefe, Todd explores the South Island Alps region and the Makarora River for some epic trout fishing. 

New Zealand is renowned for its crystal clear waters, expansive mountain valleys and very large trout.  This film takes you via helicopter thru some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet. O’Keefe and New Zealand guide Paul Wright use hunting-style walk/wade techniques to spot and stalk feeding trout with dry fly and nymph tactics.  

In a narrative only O’Keefe can provide, “New Zealand – Fall in the Southern Alps” illustrates the very best of what New Zealand’s South Island offers. 

Based at Eleven Angling’s Cedar Lodge, the adventure captures the essence of a classic New Zealand fly fishing experience.  Big river valleys, gin clear waters and large trout.  The ultimate New Zealand experience. Thanks to Eleven Angling, R.L. Winston Fly RodsScientific Anglers and Skwala Fishing for support Todd’s work with producing films for Catch Magazine.   A big shoutout to guide Paul Wright and of course Brian O’Keefe, who help make the production top notch.

Experience New Zealand for yourself! Check out Eleven Angling.

Special thanks to Eleven Angling, R.L. Winston Rod Company, Scientific Anglers and Skwala Fishing for supporting this film project.

Contributed By

Todd Moen

Todd’s combined interest in film and fish began as a kid: he explored and filmed the big waters of western Washington and the blue-ribbon trout streams of his birthstate Montana. Years of traveling the far ends of the globe as a professional videographer and burning the midnight oil to design web media, Todd is living his dream with the production of Catch Magazine.


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