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Chubut is a province in southern Argentina located in between the Andes range to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The province’s name derives from the Tehuelche word chupat, meaning “transparent,” their description of the Chubut River. 

The Corcovado River (where the following series of photos was taken) is characterized by runs of rainbow trout and brook trout. It is one of the legendary fishing sites of Patagonia.

The snowy mountains are a sign that we will have good flows in the Rio Corcovado, Argentina.
Luciano Saldice swings flies on the Llao Llao Pool looking for brookies.
Releasing a nice rainbow trout at the mouth of the Rio Corcovado.
A nice high view at the first part of the Rio Corcovado, Argentina.
Catch and release with rod at the mouth of the Corcovado.

Engaño Lake is situated in Chubut Province, Argentina.   According to some fishermen, this area offers the best opportunity to catch trout in all Patagonia.

The mouth of Rio Corcovado into the Lago Vintter offers the best world-class stream trout fishing.  Engano Lake is where the following photos were taken.

In some parts of the upper spring creeks in Alerces National Park there are lagoons where trout marornes live. It’s ideal to try your luck with olive leech patterns.
The Alerces National Park in Chubut Province, Argentina includes some of the best spring creek fishing in Patagonia.
A short fiberglass rod is a very useful tool here in Patagonia’s spring creeks, as well as a fluorocarbon tippet and flies without shine.
A kingfisher sits high in a tree overlooking fishy waters in northern Patagonia.
Not wearing bright clothes or flashy colors can help us get closer to the points, without scaring the trout.
Large brown trout inhabit this Patagonian spring creek. After the last outbreak of the colihue cane, the trout have thrived by eating mice.
Releasing a trout back into its Patagonia spring creek home.
It doesn’t get much better than this.
The Alerces National Park in Chubut Province, Argentina includes some of the best spring creek fishing in Patagonia.
Some areas in the spring creeks are dense and require careful maneuvering to find the trout.
Lucia Dueñas catches a nice brook trout with a scud pattern. In this spring creek we can catch trout fontinalis, brown trout and rainbow trout. The grand slam in this environment is something that only the lucky ones achieve!

Located in the Alerces National Park, the Rivadavia River’s spring creeks truly offer a place for fun and success for any angler.  The spring creek you see in the following pictures flows into the Rivadavia River, another good fishing spot in Patagonia. Crystalline waters and spooky trout characterize these spring creeks.  They are some of my favorite places in the Patagonia region.

Beautiful creek near Engano Lake, full of brook trout.
This big trout ate a scud pattern, one of its main dishes.
An old bridge on Engano Lake serves as a hiding place for trout. Luciano looks for them and catches one that came out under him.
The channel of this small stream off Engano Lake has pools a meter deep.
Beautiful creek near Engano Lake, full of brook trout.
Luciano tries not to get the trout in the reeds.
Luciano with his catch- nice brookie weighing in at 2 kilos.
An insane trout caught by Karim with a purple streamer.

Contributed By

Karim Jador

Karim Jodor was born in 1984 in El Bolsón, a small tourist city located in the southwest of Río Negro Province, Argentina. The town sits at the foot of the Piltriquitron Mountain in northern Patagonia. Karim has dedicated part of his life to be a fly fishing guide in Patagonia, but now he spends his time traveling the rivers and lakes of this beautiful place to take pictures of the fishing and the landscape in the region. Karim recently started his own business, Vicio Fly Fishing, which is a small fly shop located in his hometown. He considers photography and fly fishing to be complementary, and he says both are great excuses to be in nature. 


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