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Josh Phillips

My name is Josh Phillips. I’m the President and majority owner of Spawn Fly Fish. Myself, along with my best friends, founded Spawn Fly Fish in the summer of 2017 with a goal of making a difference both on and off the water. We have worked day and night to build this community we call Spawn. This community has helped build the brand we are today. Over the last four years, we have gone from a closet, to my bedroom, to the garage, and now to a full-scale fly shop located in Ilwaco, Washington. We specialize in fly tying where we have created many innovative tying products that are globally distributed. I’m not sure what the next four years will bring, but we are up to the task of working both day and night to continue to build this community and the Spawn brand into a household name.

Ilwaco, Washington

United States



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