Tying Theater – The Scud

New for Catch Magazine….. The Tying Theater.
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Special thanks to Spawn Flyfish.
If you want to tie the fly featured in this video, go to Spawn Flyfish and you’ll find all you need and more to recreate The Scud. Get all the materials below here- SPAWN FLYFISH

Hook: Ahrex FW541 size 8
Bead: Hareline Gritty Tungsten Bead Peacock Grit 5/32”
Weighted Wire: Non Lead .015”
Thread: UniThread 6/0 Grey
Body: Spawn Simi Seal BC Scuds
Antennae: Mallard Flank Medium Dun
Flash: Lateral Scale Peacock
Topper: Thin Skin Fly Specks Clear/Black
Rib: Ultra Wire Blue Small
Cement: Loon Clear Fly Finish Thin
     *Cured with Loon UV Torch
Get all the materials here- SPAWN FLYFISH

Contributed By

Josh Phillips

Spawn FlyFish

R.L Winston Fly Rods Catch Magazine

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Tying Theater - The Scud

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