Denis Isbister, from Fallon, Nevada releases a chrome Alaskan rainbow fresh from the lake on the iconic Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photograph by Abe Blair

Issue #59

Letter from the Editor…

Hello Catch Magazine readers,
Over the years, we’ve brought you essays from waters all over the world and from nearly every continent. It’s easy to realize that fly fishing is a cross-cultural sport. Where there are fish, there are anglers. You could say that every community is infused with angling in some way…there truly is a global infusion of fly fishing. We are honored to present you wth a special Veterans Day Catch Magazine issue. It’s a celebration of some amazing people, people who are not only Americans and veterans, but who are anglers as well. I find this issue particularly special because a WW II Veteran, my own grandfather, introduced me to fishing when I was a child. My sister and I spent quite a few early mornings trolling for trout with Grandpa on North Idaho’s Spirit Lake. His influence carries on to this day. In memory of Grandpa Charlie, we’d like to dedicate this issue to the global community of anglers who have served their own countries, worldwide, across every culture and throughout history. 

With much gratitude, Kelley Moen

Deplar Farm Lodge

Brian O'Keefe

Todd Moen Desert Dries Deschutes Steelhead

Desert Dries

Todd Moen

Yes, Mr. President - Jimmy Carter

Abe Blair

Healing on the Fall

R. Valentine Atkinson


Highlights From the Archives

The Columbia River

Todd Moen

Steelhead Green

Arian Stevens

T-Motion Theater

Todd Moen

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