Luke Griffiths from Quest Angling Expeditions and Alex Jardine from Aardvark Mcleod International Travel Specialists slowly make their way through the Great Barrier Reef in the latest edition of T-Motion Theater's "Australia Coast to Coast". Photo by Todd Moen

Issue #71

Hello Catch readers,
In this issue, your door will open to an incredible array of FISH! Here you will see 20 different species from waters across the globe, caught and landed within the essays and videos of Issue #71. Make your checklist for this journey and be sure to mark off all you encounter.

Look for carp in “Portugal’s Alentejo Region” by Jose Rodrigues. Find Atlantic salmon and brown trout  in “Iceland Summer Vacation” by Brian O’Keefe. Check out the vibrant paintings and beautiful images of Sockeye and Coho salmon, Winter and Summer steelhead, roosterfish and three trout species (brown, brook and rainbow) created by Oregon artist Sheila Dunn in her essay called “Saving Salmon with Art”. Don’t miss Pacific Northwest’s bass, including the specialty crafted Bunny Leech fly by Josh Phillips in his essay “Spawn Fly Fish- Pacific Northwest Bass”. See all three species of South America’s Peacock bass in Sam Parkinson’s essay “Afloat- Colombia Fly Fishing.”

And finally, here’s where your checklist will beg for a sharpened pencil: Todd Moen will take you on a whirlwind tour of Australia’s coastline in his latest T-Motion film, “Australia Coast to Coast” sponsored by Tourism Australia and Panasonic’s pro line of camera tech. On the Great Barrier Reef, see the mighty red throat emperor, shark mackerel and bumphead parrotfish. Then south along Australia’s eastern coastline, catch barramundi and mackerel tuna. Northward, on the northwestern inlet deep within Australia’s mangrove-lined bays, experience the golden trevally, the mighty cobia and the magnificent queenfish caught on the fly in some exhilarating shots. At more than 25 minutes, “Australia Coast to Coast” is the longest film EVER featured in Catch Magazine! Get comfortable, grab some popcorn, and don’t forget your cheat sheet with Issue 71’s fish checklist.

In the words of Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle, “This moment humanity is experiencing can be seen as a door or a hole. The decision to fall in the hole or walk through the door is up to you.” We hope you choose to walk through the door, and of course we’ll send Catch Magazine with you on your good way through. ENJOY!

Finding sacred in the everyday (and in every single fish),
Kelley Moen


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