One of the coolest places on earth, the Exmouth Gulf and off-shore waters beyond the Ningaloo fringing reef are home to some of Australia's more significant sport fish including marlin, Spanish mackerel, and several sub-species of tuna. Aerial by Todd Moen

Australia Coast to Coast

“Australia Coast to Coast” is T-Motion theater’s longest and most in-depth fly fishing film to date, with a run time of more than 25 minutes. In a complete circumnavigation of the country pre-Covid, Moen captured it all. From Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on the east coast to the Ningaloo Reef on the west coast, the angler on camera and UK fly fishing virtuoso Alex Jardine (of Aardvark McLeod International Travel Specialists) pursues more than 8 species of fish in various breathtaking land and waterscapes Down Under.

From the Great Barrier Reef, Moen takes you along for red throat emperor and shark mackerel. From Australia’s eastern shoreline, experience barramundi and mackerel tuna. Then from the country’s northwestern bays and inlets, see golden trevally, cobia and the magnificent queenfish. With aerial shots above glistening coral reefs and gem-colored waters, this film will make you feel as though you’ve traveled the country on your own fly fishing adventure.

The biggest challenge in filming and editing this video for Moen was synthesizing the huge quantity of information, diverse locations and variety of fish species caught on the fly in Australia. In addition, the precious time and energy he spent in transit pre-covid and away from his family to tour the country makes this one of Moen’s sturdiest endeavors – both personally and professionally- in his career as a filmmaker. It’s also one of his proudest.

Thanks to the support from Dean Cooper at Tourism Australia, to Panasonic pro line, and to the guides Luke Griffiths from Quest Angling Expeditions, Andrew Chorley from Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing, and Brett Wolf from Ningaloo Fly Fishing.

Finally, a big kudos to Alex Jardine, who was immersed in fly fishing at birth thanks to his father, Charles, who has forged a career through the pursuit of trout and grayling.

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Todd Moen

Todd Moen has been a working filmmaker for nearly 25 years. Growing up in Montana, he would often document his friends fly-fishing with his parents’ analog 8mm tape camera. After studying fine arts at Montana State University, Moen took a job with a production company shooting fly fishing events for ESPN and OLN. After surviving a plane crash from a job, he decided to quit the “on-the-road” lifestyle and start a photography and film-based journal, Catch Magazine. Moen, who runs the magazine with his wife, Kelley Moen, has since produced 65 films for Catch, which have earned awards and thousands of subscribers. “In this niche, I’ve worked with many non-profit organizations across the world that support water, fish and the fishing community,” explains Moen. “I’ve befriended a great variety of people in this industry, and I continue to meet new and interesting people in unique locations to film fly fishing.”

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