With at least one PMD already going down with this brown, another PMD lingers perilously close. Silver Creek, Idaho. Photo by Nick Price - Catch Magazine Issue #74

Issue #74

Hello there!

Here is your next issue of Catch Magazine! We’re so thankful that the cooler temps and spring rains have kept our own high desert homewaters flowing cool, regular and healthy…ready for the summer.

In this issue, we aim to prepare you for your new season of fly fishing.  Danish-born world traveller Sara Ronholt shares her photos and personal story from a decade of fly fishing adventures in the essay called “Chasing big dreams: Denmark’s River Skjern”.  Lukasz Stanczuk captures the beautiful landscapes and alpine trout from Poland’s Tetras Mountains in “Wild Poland.” Nick Price & Steven Calaway Brown share the spirit of catching fish, people and a zen philosophy in Guanaja, Honduras in “The Way”. Brad Nicol’s essay called “River Therapy” takes us along on his fly fishing experiences in Wyoming’s quintessential cowboy land.  And Brian O’Keefe continues his Southern Hemisphere adventure at Rio Pelena Lodge where the Futaleufu River enters Lago Yelcho in “Chile Part II- Big Fish Waters.”  And finally, T- Motion theater‘s “Made in Montana- Spring Creek Fever” reminds us that the best thing on Earth MUST be fly fishing for Montana’s spring brown trout in the Rocky Mountains.

We have high hopes for your home waters, too, Catch readers.  No matter where you are, can you find something to call a water win?  Whether it’s proper temps, consistent flows, healthy habitat or simply its continued existence, your own waters need your High Hopes.  Get out and enjoy them, experience them now.  Take action.  Do something to leave them better than you found.  And don’t forget to keep the Faith- perhaps a little belief can bring northern/southern hemisphere watershed wins for all. Thanks again for your support.


Kelley Moen

Editor, Catch Magazine


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