The meat grinder – the business end of a specimen GT. Its easy to see why they can swallow a bird whole. Cover photo by Peter McLeod

Issue #76

Hi Catch Readers,

Issue #76 is truly a world-wide tour, full of stunning photos and essays featuring both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Matt Harris takes us to New Zealand’s South Island in “The Year of the Mouse.”  Big brown trout fill the screen, with breathtaking mountain ranges and gin clear rivers only New Zealand can offer.

Austrians Fabian Fingerlos and Florian Lustig give us the full scoop on their country’s small mountain streams.  Aiming for brown trout and grayling, they illustrate specific techniques used in their European angling conquests.

Brian O’Keefe captures the essence of his most recent travels in “Iceland Road Trip.”  From the Deplar Farm, O’Keefe travels via Toyota truck to find Atlantic salmon and stay at the Eleven Experience cabins on the Holkna River.

Peter McLeod, founder of Ardvark McLeod Travel and Adventure company, brings us to the Seychelles saltwater in “Providence Atoll.”  His essay is packed with species- from bonefish, bumphead parrotfish, permit, milkfish and giant travelly to everything in between.

Todd Moen’s T-Motion video tops the cake on this well-rounded issue of Catch with “Out West,” a creative journey into Eastern Oregon’s high desert streams.  With drought affecting much of the northwestern landscape and in an effort to give trout a break during the dry season, the target is smallmouth bass- the warm water game fish.  With aerials and subsurface shots, this film captures a rustic adventure in search of high desert bass.

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Enjoy this issue!

Todd and Kelley Moen


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