Cold hands and soaking wet gear take a backseat when getting a shot like this! Amanda Bauman on the Big Wood River with a full net! Cover Photograph by Hillary Maybery

Issue #79

Hello Catch Magazine readers,

We’re delighted to bring you this issue.  Inside you’ll find some spectacular photography, unique perspectives and lots and lots of fish.

First up, Brazil’s Lucas de Zan shares his adventures deep into the Amazon jungle in The Rio Marie Headwaters, including giant peacock bass, wolf fish  and other wild South American fish caught on a fly.

Next, Anthony Swentosky highlights the intriguing art of fly fishing Nevada’s Pyramid Lake in an essay called Appreciation for Pyramid. Fly fishing from a ladder for Lahontan cutthroat trout, the target of Swentosky’s photos take us from sunup to sundown in a water conservation success story.

Winter on the Wood is an essay by Hilary Maybery, based in Ketchum, Idaho. She documents winter fishing on central Idaho’s Big Wood River and Silver Creek, with local guide/conservationist Amanda Bauman as angler on camera and contributing writer.

Michael Patrick O’Neil shares his award-winning underwater, up-close-and-personal perspective of gamefish worldwide in his photo essay I Speak ‘Fish’.

And of course, T-Motion theater presents the newest film by Todd Moen called Katmai.  It features Alaska’s famous Brooks River grizzlies gorging on salmon and sharing the river with anglers in the Katmai National Park & Preserve who fly fish for rainbow trout. Todd adds his behind-the-lens tidbits sure to entertain and pique your interest in this incredible fishery up north.

T’is the season for realizing, appreciating and sharing the unique blessings we each call our own. The world can seem a little broken these days. Our hope is that the contents of this magazine help you realize the world of fly fishing as whole: a timeless sport that will entertain you, educate you, and put a smile on your face while you peruse the pages we’ve provided you.

Todd and I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and New Year of 2024.


Todd and Kelley


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