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McKenzie River Mettle

The McKenzie River is only a short drive up the pass from my home on the edge of Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness.  Lucky for me, this backyard treasure is one of my favorite rivers in all the world to float, fish and film.  When Chris Daughters told me that the McKenzie was on, he had a day off guiding, and his son, Cash, could be available for a T-Motion filming day…I was packed and ready in minutes.  The McKenzie River is a cold, clear, fast-flowing mountain river with a lava rockbed and deep, technical pools full of trout.  It’s not an easy river to float, fish or film.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much!  It tests your mettle, no matter who you are. 

Filming “McKenzie River Mettle” had me perched on the back of Chris’ drift boat, balancing my camera on my shoulder and hanging on through rapids as he expertly guided his son, Cash, through the technical McKenzie waters for a day of fishing.  Owner of The Caddis Fly in Eugene, Oregon, Chris has raised his son to be an angler like himself.  This film documents a day on this unique river, father and son, in their most natural and seasoned positions as father-guide and son-angler.  It was fun to film and I hope it’s a tribute to father’s everywhere on Father’s Day 2020. Thanks to Chris Daughters, to Greg Nespor (for rowing the camera boat) and to the companies who help support the T-Motion film to make it all possible.

Special thanks to the companies that supported this film project…

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Todd Moen

Todd’s combined interest in film and fish began as a kid: he explored and filmed the big waters of western Washington and the blue-ribbon trout streams of his birthstate Montana. Years of traveling the far ends of the globe as a professional videographer and burning the midnight oil to design web media, Todd is living his dream with the production of Catch Magazine.

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