Five years ago I met Josh Phillips. At the time he was finishing off his career as a professional soccer player with the Portland Timbers. He was getting ready for his next adventure and going for it in a big way. At the time he was living in a small room with a mess of fly tying materials stacked up everywhere. Josh was making plans with a few great friends about starting a fly shop…not your normal fly shop. It would be a fly shop with great service coming from the next generation of fly anglers. I knew he was going to be successful because of what he already accomplished in pro sports. This film is a story of a kid fulfilling his dreams, working hard and making his dreams come true. I’d like to give Josh a huge thanks, and HUGE thanks to his parents Marci and Larry Phillips for helping me dig deep to find thee old photos and links to Josh’s games.

We spent a few days in his backyard on the Puget Sound were I actually grew up not too far away. It really is a magical place, but when you get to spend it with a guy like Josh, who grew up and there and knows every inch of the zones, that’s really special. I’m looking forward to taking my kids up next fall. Not sure we will get to see those coho, but sure hope we do. Please take a look a Josh’s new gig at Spawn Fly Fish. They just moved, bought a building and opened a great retail space in Ilwaco, which is located about 2 hours southwest of his home town of Olympia, Washington. You can’t beat his customer service and his knowledge of the salt. Josh has already got an epic selection of fly tying materials as well. Please help support them at Spawn Fly Fish.

Special thanks to ORVIS & R.L. Winston Rod Company for supporting this film project.

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Todd Moen

Todd’s combined interest in film and fish began as a kid: he explored and filmed the big waters of western Washington and the blue-ribbon trout streams of his birthstate Montana. Years of traveling the far ends of the globe as a professional videographer and burning the midnight oil to design web media, Todd is living his dream with the production of Catch Magazine.

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