Josh Phillips searches for sea-run cutthroat on the Puget Sound in Washington State. Photo by Todd Moen

Issue #73

Greetings Catch readers,

No matter where you live, no matter what language you speak and no matter what you’re fishing for, you will likely appreciate some good news right now.  Take a break from other media and let us share with you some of the good stuff.  Catch stuff.

In this issue of Catch Magazine, we give you fly fishing with stories of hard effort and hope.  Tireless pursuit, passion and long earned success.  Talent…and of course a little bit of luck.  First off, meet Hernan Tula from  Argentina who hones his skill of tying flies into a tangible, successful art in the essay “Use What You Can- A Fly Tyer’s Story.”  Next, see the evolution and magical photography by Scotty Sherin in “Nova Scotia.”  Adding top-notch excellence, and representing a career of long-earned success, Brian O’Keefe highlights Chile in a spectacular essay “Chile’s ‘Quiet’ Waters – Part One.”  Finally, Todd Moen’s latest film “The Game- Puget Sound Soccer and Searun Cuts”  features pro-soccer player Josh Phillips, who has worked hard to pursue lifetime goals both as an athlete and as a successful businessman at Spawn Fly Fish in the fly fishing industry.  These stories remind us that no matter the era, no matter the dream, if hard work and effort are applied, most anything is possible.

We’d like to thank you again for supporting Catch Magazine throughout the years.  And particularly right now, it’s our own dream come true.  Your subscription allows us to continue bringing the world’s best fly fishing photography and videos right to your inbox. You are important.  And that, Catch friends, is some good stuff.

Enjoy the magazine.

Kelley Moen



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